Tree of Dreams// Puno Ng Mga Pangarap
Alfred Marasigan

Tree of Dreams/ Puno Ng Mga Pangarap was a participatory livestream ritual based on a superstition from the Philippines, performed by artist @alfredmarasigan on the morning of the HORRID Covid! launch.

In response to the fourth week of Enhanced Community Quarantine imposed in the Philippines’ Luzon group of islands, and in solidarity with those in isolation everywhere, the artist chose the magic of virtual communion to wage war against disease, dictatorship and isolation.

So the superstition goes, after a bad dream one can save themselves from misfortune by biting a tree. As our readers awoke in London and the the sun set on Manilla, nightmares and sweet dreams were swapped across the oceans! With his magnificent teeth, the artist took care of the bad dreams, and carved hope into a small tree standing proud in his backyard.