Zoom Fridge Pickle

Communicating through vegetables, through ancient preserving techniques, through time, through care, through teaching, through salt, through lacto fermentation.

Recipe of kinds
Take your vegetables, prepare as you wish
Root veg works well being peeled in thick slices
cabbage can be finely cut
show your vegetables to the rest of your group,
talk about funny or unusual traits they may have,
characteristics you all hope will come out stronger in the coming weeks,
think about what spices you want them to meet,
communication is everything here,
some spices don't communicate with each other well,
or with you well

I find black onion seeds say the wrong thing to cabbages
equally fennel is a contentious sort, beautiful (to me) when fresh,
but a sideways glance, a comment tossed onto a table at a friends dinner table quite often turns faces.

the better, the better.

You'll need jars, to contain these communications, these conversations of kinds.

Making kraut? just use salt 2% of your veg weight and massage that baby until it tells you everything. It will. A life story in tears oh my. You've convened thank the cabbage and pack it tightly into your jar, making sure it stays full submerged in tears.

Making lacto fermented pickles? let's brine
introduce that salt (2% again, but of your liquid amount) to heated water so the salt slips effortlessly into the room you can't distinguish salt or water now, they are one. wait for them to cool down.

stuff that jar full of your veg... roots this time. and herbs and spices
Rosemary became the star of this communion.

put the lids on, and wait for the background chat, the hiss from the corner. The unforgettable laugh halfway through the night. Talk back, converse, let them blow off some steam (literally crack the lids to give them a breather)

Keep talking over the coming weeks, in probs a few weeks you'll know the time is right, go one step further, make your move, beyond conversation.

( ̄w ̄)Ψ