Fay Davies

Seeds might be selling out online but they are everywhere once you start looking - from lemon pips to mango stones - and you can give them all a go! Harvesting the seed is the best bit - because it mostly involves eating.

1 - Recently it was Lychee season so after eating about 50 lychees I collected all the shiny black seeds and soaked them in water for 24 hours - making sure all left over fruit was removed.

Once the seed is hydrated it is ready to plant.

2 - I use cactus soil for my seeds because it has brilliant drainage. If you can’t get hold of any you can always increase your drainage by adding lots of small stones or Horticultural sand.

3 - Once you have your soil fill up your containers - these can be old butter containers (with a few holes punctured in the bottom) or the cardboard middle of precious toilet rolls.

Carefully place each lychee on its side making sure it is firmly in the soil.

4 - Water your seeds using a watering can with a rose or a tap that is dripping. Make sure all the soil is wet through. Once watered cover with a clear plastic bag (make sure you check that the soil doesn't dry out - you want to keep it moist)

5 - I have a heated propagator which makes seed growing very easy.

The two things seeds need to germinate are water and warmth (not light - that comes later). If you don’t have a heated propagator you can create warmth by making sure they are in a nice sunny spot on the window sill, and you can always put a luke warm hot water bottle near them on a cold night.

Lychees grow quickly - you should have some lovely reddish shoots in a couple of weeks.

6 - Once they had a lovely set of leaves your can transplant into their own pots. Then you can see what other tropical fruits your local shop has on your one trip out a day.